Our Vision

To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society

Our Mission

To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people

History of Kegalle Divisional Secretariat

Since the early antiquity Kegalle has been an important juncture in gateway to Upcountry. It is said that the “ Raja Mawatha” was existed  in the Kelani valley  and  laid  through villages  Deewela, Evunugalla, Hettimulla  via Arandara and  Ruwanwella . Kegalle has obtained a salient position as center point in transportation with the macadamized road laid across joining Colombo and Kandy.  Kegalle town is located in the  Colombo - Kandy A1 road  78 Km distance form Colombo and 39 Km distance from Kandy.

Kegalle which is bounded  by North Rmbukkana  Divisional Secretary’s Division, by  East Divisional Secretary’s Divisions of Mawanella and Aranayaka, South  by Bulathkohupitiya  Divisional Secretary’s Division and by West  Galigamuwa Divisional Secretary’s Division located in between Southern latitude  7-1 and 7 - 08 ; and  Eastern  Longitude  80 -19 and 80 - 22

The highland in the Kegalle is comprised of 120 hectares in 2000ft altitude and 7777 hectares in 500 -1000ft altitude and general temperature is between 25 C and 27 C.

The drainage system of the area  is consisted of the rivers Kegalu  Oya and Marapone Oya  which are the tributaries of  river Maha Oya located in the area of  Northern slope and of the  River Gurugoda   oya   and its’ tributaries which is a main tributary of the River Kelani.

The folklore reports that  name Kegalle derived at the era of the King Walagamba. The King Walagamba has rested on a rock for lunch while he was marching with brigades for confrontation. As he re-started to march forward on the way he has searched the nut cracker to chew nuts. Thus,  he had  send a servant to  bring back the  nut cracker  saying that nut cracker  might have left on Bath Ke Gala ( the rock where they stopped for lunch). It is said that the area  is now  known as Kegalla where the Bath Ke Gala was. There is a belief that the present Chistian Churcuh ( Gal Palliya)  and the Walagamba MahaVidyalaya named to honour King Walagamba is constructed near the said Bath Ke Gala.

Identification of the administrative areas in terms of  Korala and Pattu has been started at the kingdom of  King Prakramabahua -1. In 1890 the Sathara Koralaya comprised of Beligal Koralaya, Kinigoda Koralaya, Galboda Koralaya and Pranakuru Koralaya was named as a division of Sabaragamuwa Province with definite boundaries  even though  the  defining  boundaries of  the area has been   subjected to various changes .

Under the British regime Paranakuru Koralaya consisting of  the Pattus : Mawatha  North, Mawatha South, Deyala Dahamuna and Kanduaha  had been handed over to Divisional Revenue  officer - Paranakuru Korale Revenue  officer.

Under the republican constitution in 1972, Kegalle Assistant Government Agent’s Division has been introduced without any change in boundaries of the division but only with change in the designation. Consequently, the designation of Divisional Revenue Officer was amended into designation of Assistant   Government Agent. In 1992 the Assistant Government Agent’s Division of  Kegalle was  re-named as Divisional Secretary’s Division and now it is of 61 Grama  Niladari Divisions and 146 villages.

The total area of Kegalle Divison is 106.86 Km  and 10586 Hectares. Paddy, Tea, Rubber and Coconut can be seen as main crops in cultivation and Minor Export Goods such as Coffee, Cocoa, Pepper, Clove and Areca nut can also be identified as domestic cultivations. There is reserved forest in extent of 334.6 hectares and scrubs in extent of 207 hectares.

Role performed at DS

Name From To Designation         
Mr. D.B.Basnayaka 1948 1953  Divisional revenue officer 
Mr. T.B.M.Ekanayaka 1953 1958  Divisional revenue officer
Mr. Wimalarathne Kumaragama 1958 1962  Divisional revenue officer
Mr. Wijerathne Puwakmote 1962 1966  Divisional revenue officer
Mr. K. Neduratha 1966 1968  Divisional revenue officer
Mr. J.B.Daulagala 1968 1982  Assistant Government Agent
Mr. B.U.Bokalamulla 1982 Tree months  Assistant Government Agent
Mr. K.A.Darmadasa 1982 1992  Assistant Government Agent
Mr. A.W.Abesekara 1992 1997  Divisional Secretary
Mr. D.M.M.Dissanayaka 1997 2001  Divisional Secretary
Mr. Mahinda Senevirathne (acting) 2001 2002  Divisional Secretary
Mr. W.M.R.B.Wijekoon 2002 2009  Divisional Secretary
Mr. L.A.P.U.Liyana arachhi 2009 2013.01.14  Divisional Secretary
Mrs. H.T.R.N.Piyasena 2013 2018.08.04  Divisional Secretary
Mr. K.G.S. Nishantha 2018.09.13 Onwards  Divisional Secretary

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